jbo communications

Media Relations

Media outreach is at the foundation of almost all of our campaigns. We have strong relationships with the design, shelter, lifestyle, and news media—print, electronic, and broadcast—and leverage them on behalf of our clients every day.


Whether it's a press release, website or catalog copy, social media posts, invitations or annual reports, we develop a compelling voice for our clients and routinely handle all communications on their behalf. The importance of convincing, clever, and consistent written communications cannot be overstated in a PR campaign. Fortunately, writing happens to be a part of the job we like best.

Social Media and Networking

People are seeking information and connecting with one another online every minute of every day. Experts say that 25% of Internet page views occur at a social networking site. This only underscores what we already know: Social networking is crucial to compete in today's ever-expanding marketplace. We help our clients maintain an appropriate digital presence and build loyal communities on the sites their customers trust most.

Website Development

Most potential customers' introduction to a new company or brand is via its website. The medium may be different, but the maxim is as true as ever: You don't get a second chance at a first impression. We help identify the key messages and website organization that will serve our clients best, and then oversee design and programming to make the site a reality.

Graphic Design and Video Production

Stylish graphics can define and differentiate a brand. JBOC helps its clients develop business cards, holiday greetings, websites, video material, and branded gifts—whatever is needed to bring their stories to life in a vital visual way.

Special Events

Executed strategically, an event can be a wonderful branding tool and a rare opportunity to introduce media and consumers to a brand in a fully experiential way. We have planned and executed a range of successful events including press breakfasts, panel discussions, collection previews, product launches, cocktail parties, and pop-up sampling events.

Trade Show Support

Our clients exhibit at top international trade shows from New York and L.A. to Paris and Milan. We support their efforts by consulting on exhibit design and giveaway materials, promoting trade show introductions to the media, and conducting media tours on-site.